Baked Kale Chips

In the winter months one of the things i have been getting in my local food box are bunches of kale. The other day my friend was making these kale chips, so i had to try it. They are super addictive and pretty healthy.

Start off by heating oven to 350 degree F

to prepare the kale.
  • remove the leaves from the thick stems of the kale.
  • tear into bit size pieces.
  • wash  and dry kale in salad spinner.
  • drizzle olive oil onto kale (mix thoroughly)
  • season with salt/pepper/chili/garlic…or whatever you want
  • bake on the pan till edges are brown, should be 10-15 min


baked sweet potato fries w. dipping sauce

One of my favourite things are baked sweet potato fries. While this has kept me interested for long enough, recently i have started to make my own dipping sauce based on the chili mayo.

start off by making the sweet potato fries. Follow the recipe on baked roots

slice up the potatoes, into wedges. (or fries or whatever shape you want)
put in bowl filled with ice cold water. (something to do with the starchs in potato.)
drain the water, pat dry.
coat potatoes in a little bit of in olive oil. (not that much is needed…so try it a few times and you can find out how much you want.)
lay potatoes on a baking tray.
put into oven at 420 F.
after 15 minutes, use spatula to make sure they are not stuck.
bake for another 20 minutes.
keep half an eye on the potatoes and make sure they don’t burn.
bake to the crispness that you want them.
season with salt and pepper.

Now for the sauce i simple mixed up

1 tbs of sour cream
1 tbs of mayonaise
1 tsp of chipotle powder
2 tsp of sweet chili sauce

try it out. im sure you will be making this all the time.


Thanksgiving with the Wasiks!

Not too long ago, I was invited to a thanksgiving dinner with Sam's cousin. I was excited to be able to feast on a massive meal of turkey, ham, potatoes and sauce.

Now this was a very interesting day as i woke up to a living room in disarray.

On this busy day, they were planning to finish the framing of the floors, and put together a bathroom. Now this would be hard enough on a normal day, but to add this to a thanksgiving dinner seemed like complete insanity to me.

However, while i was helping out in the kitchen the living room turned miraculously into this.

For dinner, we started off with some appetizers. Cheese and crackers are the must at all appetizers, but we also had some sliced cucumber topped with cream cheese, smoked salmon and dill.

Now it isnt thanksgiving without a turkey, luckily for us we had two.

On the side of the turkey we had the danish specialty of brown potatoes. These are potatoes that have a caramel coating...absolutely delicious.

And finally it would not be Danish styled without some tasty sauces. Well i guess these sauces were not necessarily Danish, but the point is similar. We had gravy, cheese sauce, and the butter was being used to make danish Brown potatoes.