spicy shrimp and tofu

this recipe is for something that was really easy and was put on top of some delicious udon noodles. we had a bag of frozen shrimp, defrosted them in coldish water and finally cooked them up with some tofu.

Start off by
  • putting 2 tbs of vegetable oil in a saucepan
  • turning to med-high heat
  • once oil is hot, adding a small handful of tofu
  • frying them till slightly brown on all sides (few minutes)
  • adding 1 stick of lemon grass, chopped up
  • adding all the shrimp (large handful, drained)
  • adding 1 tsp of chili garlic sauce (the asian one)
  • constantly stir for a couple minutes (till all pink)
  • try one to make sure it is cooked through.
  • enjoy
serve on some udon noodles...that recipe will be posted on the futurists... so check it out.

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