roasted almonds

during our board game and vinyl music night we needed a tasty treat. i was brought some fresh almonds and we decided that the best hting to do would be to roast them.

i found this site which has some roasting recipes...so i tried one. this is what happened.

i started by
  • turning oven to 350 F
  • pouring almonds in a pan, 2 layers of almonds (not like recipe)
  • drizzling 1 tbs of honey on almonds
  • sprinkling about 2 tsp of salt on top
  • mixing honey throughout almonds
  • putting into oven for 15 minutes (once oven was hot)
  • taking out and checking (let cool before you pop them into your mouth)
  • adding a bit more salt to almonds
  • serving them up

such a simple recipe. but delicious. so go out and make them yourself.

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