My Dearest Jamie.

Last night i was lucky enough to listen to Jamie Oliver. While a crowd of 3500 people watched, he created two simple dishes and answered a plethora of questions. Sadly my question was not asked or answered. It was probably too wordy, but if he ever does visit my site i would love for him to read the question i wanted to pose. Thus i will post it here.


As the food industry is a global industry, has the food revolution set up groundwork for local solutions throughout the world, including places where English is not their first language?

I am quite new at studying the food system, with only 2 years under my belt, but there have been some obvious trends. Firstly, the US does lead the way. However I do know that places like Germany, and suspect places like france, denmark, switzerland, that are also well engrained with the industralized food system. While there is already such a rich culture of food in so many of these areas, wouldnt it be easier to use go to these areas and make sure to promote this shift in these areas as well?

After last night i realize the burdun that has been bestowed upon you, and i am sure that others will help take the reign. But i cant help but wonder whether looking specifically at the US and UK will be able to muster the global change that is going to need to happen.

Well i hope you enjoyed my book.


P.S. my email is penn.dan@gmail.com. Hopefully i can help out in a major way.

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