roasted almonds

during our board game and vinyl music night we needed a tasty treat. i was brought some fresh almonds and we decided that the best hting to do would be to roast them.

i found this site which has some roasting recipes...so i tried one. this is what happened.

i started by
  • turning oven to 350 F
  • pouring almonds in a pan, 2 layers of almonds (not like recipe)
  • drizzling 1 tbs of honey on almonds
  • sprinkling about 2 tsp of salt on top
  • mixing honey throughout almonds
  • putting into oven for 15 minutes (once oven was hot)
  • taking out and checking (let cool before you pop them into your mouth)
  • adding a bit more salt to almonds
  • serving them up

such a simple recipe. but delicious. so go out and make them yourself.


arugula lime parm pasta

This was an adaptation of a recipe i have made a few times. Its really tasty, simple and fresh. Perfect for summer, or in winter when you want something fresh.

  • start off by cooking some pasta till al dente.
  • drain pasta and put back in pot. at med temp.
  • add some olive oil (1 tbs per person).
  • add a clove of garlic (smashed and chopped)
  • add some chopped up arugula.
  • add juice of a lime. (try to keep pits out)
  • stir in some grated parm. salt. pepper.
  • enjoy with some friends.


Ribs...the lazy lazy way.

now seriously these ribs were the easiest thing to do...BUT its not my suggestion to do them very much. They are delicious, so beware.

  • turn the oven to 260 f
  • paint ribs with a mixture of bbq sauce and hot sauce
  • wrap in tinfoil leaving top open
  • pour beer into packet and close up
  • put onto baking tray ( it might leak a bit)
  • put into oven and let bake for 2.5 hours
  • take them out and have them with salad/bok choy or something tasty and green

I'm Back??

hey guys and gals.
So i have once again nesled myself nicely into hamilton. Spending my days finding things for the apartment, seeing old friends and sorting out school i havent had much time in the kitchen. BUT...i was quick enough and managed to order a box of organic vegetables. Even if it was done via iphone. Plan b is great and will be providing a lot of the vegetables im gonna be eating... cause its easy, cheapish and the stuff is so damn good.

THis year im gonna try to eat a lot of vegetables, with much less meat. Its a hard thing. But i have started to just get really nice meat, so that it always tastes way better. Okay. gotta get back to school work reading, but ill be online soon to post about food i actually made...