baked artichoke

so i made this twice, and well this one looks so much better and is something that actually can be made by a lot of people. There are two steps.

Preparation of the artichoke
  • pull apart center leaves of artichoke
  • cut the center so that you take the prickly center
  • use spoon to get all that out so you only have the center being empty
  • add a bit of lemon juice to make sure it doesn't change color
  • add artichoke to boiling water
  • let boil for 10 min so it gets kind of soft
  • take out
  • add cold water so it cools
  • cut the edges of artichoke
now for the stuffing i used
  • some garlic lemon chicken that i made the other day
  • some potatoes that were boiled then mashed up with the sauce from chicken
  • grated parm/mozzarella cheese
i stuffed the center with all that and then put in oven at 375ish for 20ish min. I also added a bit of balsamic vinegar on the edge of artichoke

now enjoy. Its enough to eat for two people

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